4th Grade




"Lack of motivation is sometimes born of lack of achievement. If nothing is ever won, it becomes difficult to continue to fight the battle. It is the satisfaction of minor advances that whets one's appetite for larger victories"

Welcome to our fourth grade website. This year in fourth grade your child will learn a lot and have a lot of fun too. There are 3 important things we would like you to know about our fourth grade teaching team.

  1. First of all, we are teachers who love teaching.
  2. Second, we love fourth graders, and thoroughly enjoy guiding them as we explore the fourth grade curriculum together.
  3. Third, we think your child will love school this year. Our goal is to make each child excited about school and learning. We want to ensure that every child experiences successes, and is in turn motivated to reach his or her full potential.

Reading Tips


Ask your child the following questions about a book:

  1. Who are the main characters?
  2. Where does the story take place?
  3. What is the problem in the story?
  4. Why did the characters act the way they did?
  • Never use reading as a punishment. Your child should learn to love reading through you.
  • Your child should read for 20 minutes nightly. It takes practice to become a good reader.
  • Take turns reading with your child, so that you can model good reading.
  • Reward your child for good behavior at home by taking him or her to the local library.
  • Set up a home library for your child.
  • Keep track of how often your child reads at home, and how many words your child can read per minute. Your child will be able to see his or her progress in reading.

*Please note that at the beginning of the school year, your 4th grader should be able to read 93 words of grade level print per minute. By the middle of the school year, the goal is for students to read 105 words per minute, and by the end of the year, we are aiming for 118 words per minute.

Writing Tips

  • Reading and writing go hand in hand. If your child reads well, there is a greater chance that he or she will write well.
  • Have your child keep a writing journal in which he or she can reflect upon what is read at home. You can have him or her write summaries after reading, or write about a specific situation in a book. Your child only needs to write a paragraph of 5-7 sentences each time. Have him or her proofread written work for errors in sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Write letters back and forth to your child at home, or have your child become a pen pal with another family member or friend.
  • Set up a writing station with new writing supplies to motivate your child to write.

Mathematics Tips and Units (Topics)

  • We use Envision Math at 4th grade, which correlates with the Common Core
  • Have your child STUDY, STUDY, STUDY math facts. Students should come to 4th grade knowing addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts. If your child is not fluent with these facts, then he or she will struggle with our curriculum. These facts are the foundation for all of the math content that your child will learn this year.
  • Practice problem solving. Students who can compute may still have trouble with problem solving. All computing on the New York State Mathematics test is embedded in word problems. It is essential for students to be able to use mathematical reasoning to solve word problems.


In general, fourth graders should plan to spend approximately 40 minutes on homework daily. While each child varies somewhat in time spent, if your child spends inordinately more or less time on homework, please contact his or her teacher without hesitation. Students will be expected to complete various take home assignments, study basic math facts, and devote time to leisure reading on a daily basis. Students will bring home a yellow homework folder and an assignment book nightly. Things on the "leave at home" side of the folder should be taken out and left at home each day, so that they do not accumulate in your child's folder. The materials on the "bring back to school" side of the folder should be completed and returned to school the following day. It is very important that your child has the assignment book in school everyday, as it will allow your child's teacher to communicate with you, and ensure that your child is up to date with homework assignments. Students will be expected to copy the assignments off of the board at the end of each day. The assignment book should be signed each night after the homework is complete. The assignment book will be checked by your child's teacher, and notes will be made in the book if your child is missing an assignment.

Study Island

We have an exciting computer program at Benton Hall Academy called Study Island. Students can practice skills they have been taught. It helps students to prepare for the New York State Assessments. We work on Study Island in School, but we would like to have students practice the 3rd grade skills over the summer. We understand that not all students have computer access. However, if your child does have computer access, it will be beneficial to have him or her complete any and all 3rd grade Study Island lessons/tests. Please DO NOT have your child watch any 4th grade lessons, or take any 4th grade tests. We will work on them throughout the year. Your child's username is their first initial & lastname@bha their password is their last name.

New York State Tests

  • English Language Arts Test Design
  • April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd - Students will be given 90 minutes per day.
  • Mathematics Test
  • April 30th, May 1st and 2nd
  • Science Test
    • May 21: Performance Test - Students will rotate to three lab stations.(Students will be given 15 minutes at each lab station.)
    • June 3: Written Test - Students will answer multiple choice and short response questions. This portion of the test is not timed.

Spelling Lists

The Mystery of the Missing Lunch - sum, flat, plum, bell, grim, plot, band, bluff, dock, blot, odd, left, cash, mil, past, shelf, wealth, crunch, hint, build, snack, step, pond, heavy, shovel

A Walk in the Desert - pale, face, crate, clay, stray, cane, slate, today, bail, rail, break, ache, drain, faint, flame, claim, steak, neigh, mane, graze, grim, plum, cash, neighbor, railway

Our National Parks - beam, tea, chief, squeak, peep, weep, sleek, heal, tease, thief, deal, please, leak, league, reef, deed, feet, breathe, speech, wheeze, neigh, pale, bail, freedom, appeal

Astronaut and the Onion - file, drive, kite, pies, die, wipe, inside, height, pride, spy, sigh, shy, prime, sly, pry, climb, minding, fright, twice, slight, chief, please, sleek, highway, wildlife

The Raft - goal, mole, stone, stove, chose, own, fold, flow, mold, toll, groan, stole, foam, mows, roasting, lower, sole, blown, bolt, quote, kite, shy, climb, coaster, motor

Mighty Jackie - choose, kitchen, marching, touch, chatter, sketched, chant, chance, branch, hitch, ketchup, cheap, chopped, latch, chef, patch, snatch, arch, stretching, pitcher, stove, goal, mows, chemical, checkers

My Diary From Here to There - rush, northern, brush, shed, thanks, washer, photo, graph, whole, these, fifth, whisk, thirty, bother, shove, phrase, headphone, width, nowhere, whirl, arch, ketchup, cheap, theater, wherever

Focus on China - shred, through, sprout, sprawl, split, throb, throat, shrink, screw, shrimp, screech, straighten, sprang, shriek, splashing, straps, strain, strand, script, thrill, graph, brush, these, threaten, strictly

How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning - door, dart, fort, morning, carpet, ford, core, cord, spark, award, smart, charge, worn, argue, stormy, bore, guard, ward, warp, barnyard, screech, shrimp, throat, charcoal, forecast

Dear Mr. Winston - gear, scare, fear, cheer, spare, hear, rear, stair, airfare, career, compare, spear, beard, area, appear, yearly, tear, lair, mere, snare, fort, dart, worn, sincere, staircase

Roadrunner's Dance - dirty, purse, birth, curl, curve, curb, person, shirt, worse, hurl, twirl, swirl, herb, turkey, turnip, purpose, blurred, sternly, serpent, pearl, hear, spare, lair, spurt, further

My Brother Martin - hour, lambs, knew, wrench, kneel, thumbs, honest, answer, honesty, plumber, honor, known, combs, wrapper, knives, doubt, knead, wriggle, heir, wrinkle, curl, pearl, shirt, knuckles, wrestle

Kid Reporters at Work - center, once, dance, germs, spice, bridge, badge, circus, cement, glance, strange, police, certain, orange, ounce, ginger, wedge, arrange, sponge, village, combs, kneel, wrench, general, ceremony

Mystic Horse - clams, mints, props, arches, dresses, parents, caves, glasses, hobbies, engines, couches, arrows, enemies, babies, ranches, patches, mistakes, berries, mosses, armies, circus, germs, spice, batteries, compasses

Snowflake Bentley - fishbowl, lookout, backyard, desktop, campfire, overhead, waterproof, grandparent, railroad, snowstorm, loudspeaker, bookcase, bedroom, blindfold, newborn, bedspread, yourself, overdo, clothesline, undertake, berries, dresses, arches, eyesight, paperweight

Dear Mrs. LaRue - tasted, ripping, forced, flipping, tapped, flipped, cared, flagged, ripped, skipped, tapping, saved, skipping, caring, flagging, discussed, saving, tasting, forcing, discussing, bedspread, desktop, snowstorm, outwitted, underscoring

The Blind Hunter - funnier, families, pennies, worried, replied, varied, marries, carries, easily, silliest, jumpier, emptier, merrier, cries, cozily, sorriest, prettily, lazier, happiest, dizziest, caring, tasting, skipped, handily, factories

Energy: Power Source - should, zoom, tunes, brooks, you'll, wool, mood, suits, crew, spool, stool, cookie, food, used, grew, group, stoop, move, stew, huge, pennies, prettily, funnier, crooked, juicy

Adelina's Whales - flower, voices, tower, mound, cowboy, gown, frown, south, howling, annoy, noises, pound, hound, pouch, thousand, wound, grouch, cough, grown, voyage, cookie, zoom, huge, drought, downtown

At Home in the Coral Reefs - walker, chalk, laws, stalk, bald, caught, drawn, halt, strawberry, fought, caller, half, straw, small, thought, talking, awe, shawl, false, squall, south, pouch, annoy, wallpaper, awkward

Because of Winn-Dixie - dinner, blanket, willow, plastic, welcome, summer, dipper, foggy, thriller, ticket, swallow, picket, witness, slender, nodded, planner, member, fossil, rumbles, blossom, talking, drawn, shawl, cupboard, friendly

Ranita, the Frog Princess - river, level, never, talent, radar, limit, diver, finish, famous, spoken, cabin, wiper, habit, bison, cider, stolen, promise, razor, pity, easel, swallow, plastic, rumbles, sequence, vivid

Exploring the Undersea Territory - above, cancel, remind, gather, between, unfold, tender, action, monster, chamber, petal, woman, weeder, frosty, clipper, tutor, poster, behave, relate, excite, diver, finish, spoken, another, remember

Me and Uncle Romie - grocer, pepper, barber, grader, polar, tanker, singer, enter, odor, collar, zipper, powder, danger, cheddar, popular, harbor, anchor, elevator, daughter, victor, cancel, behave, tender, conductor waiter

Wild Horses - uncle, turtle, total, pencil, oral, pebble, channel, local, paddle, pupil, symbol, medal, bubble, settle, vessel, bugle, pedal, special, ankle, docile, barber, anchor, cheddar, animal, snorkel

The Gold Rush Game - robin, button, bacon, reason, cotton, sunken, eleven, cousin, woven, raisin, cannon, muffin, widen, wooden, ridden, common, proven, often, penguin, skeleton, medal, pupil, paddle, violin, vitamin

The Cricket in Times Square - root, tale, wade, tail, prince, dough, moose, prints, we've, weave, whose, route, who’s boulder, weighed, patience, bolder, doe, mousse, patients, cotton, muffin, eleven, straight, strait

Discovering Nature's Secrets - discourage, disappoint, disbelief, distrust, disloyal, misplace, mislabel, mislead, misstep, misnumber, nonfat, nonfiction, nonsense, nonstop, unable, unplug, uncertain, uncomfortable, uncover, unclean, prince, weighed, bolder, mishap, unravel

My Bothers' Flying Machine - spotless, sunny, furry, really, hairy, barely, tasteless, handful, lifeless, illness, hopefully, happiness, goodness, sorrowful, purely, sickness, joyfully, aimless, breathless, certainly, disappoint, nonfat, misnumber, superbly, successful

The Life and Times of the Ant - burrow, furnace, concert, lantern, thirst, disturb, alert, perhaps, purchase, nervous, modern, capture, merchant, survive, concern, service, eastern, whirlwind, surprise, persuade, really, handful, goodness, survey, emerge

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