Foreign Language

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"The limits of my language are the limits of my world"

‒Ludwig Wittgenstein


Alexandra Puznowski

High School Spanish
Levels I-V

[email protected]

Ext. 3118

Why Learning Another Language

  • Score higher on the SATs.
  • Develop greater cultural sensitivity toward others.
  • Have larger vocabularies.
  • Perform better on tests of reading and math.
  • Have higher developed listening and retention skills.
  • Become more creative.
  • Display more highly developed thinking skills.
  • Possess skills critical to the national defense.
  • Will be better prepared to contribute to the ability of local, state, and national economies to compete in the global economy.

Useful Links

Study Abroad Options
Students can explore this site and find information about going to another language and become proficient in their foreign language.

Foreign Language Standards
Check out our goals and standards by the end of each level. 

Practice With Old State Tests
Students can download old state tests and practice. Students are required to take a state test by the end of 8th, level 1, and level 3. In some occasions students might need to take third party assessments at the end of 7th, and level 2.

Language Games
With this website you can play infinitive games to practice vocabulary and grammar structures in French or Spanish. 

Course Offerings

  • Spanish Level 1
  • Spanish Level 2 (Prerequisite Level 1)
  • Spanish Level 3 (Prerequisite Level 2)
  • Spanish Level 4 (Prerequisite Level 3)

"Some courses might not be offered due to enrollment"

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