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    Our Mission Statement

    To be educationally affective and academically effective.

    To provide, enhance and encourage:

    • Quality Education
    • Positive Environment
    • Self-Esteem
    • Lifelong Learning

    Welcome to the official website for the Little Falls City School District. We are hopeful that this site will be a useful source of information about our district.

    The Little Falls City School District is committed to fulfilling the mission of public education in America. We take very seriously our role in preserving our democratic traditions afforded by a strong system of public education and providing a solid education so our graduates can be productive in further education and careers and become contributing members of society.

    This is no easy task and we cannot do it alone. The Little Falls City School District continues to enjoy tremendous community support. It is that support from parents and the community that makes the Little Falls City School District such a special place.


Important News:

School Office Info:

  • Benton Hall Office:                  
    Phone: (315) 823-1400
    Nurse: (315) 823-2280 
    Fax: (315) 823-4407                           
    Middle School Office:             
    Phone: (315) 823-4300
    Nurse: (315) 574-5853 
    Fax: (315) 823-3920
    High School Office: 
    Phone: (315) 823-1167
    Nurse: (315) 574-5853 
    Fax: (315) 823-1209